Lessons from life’s speedbumps

I am so overdue for a blog, and it was wrong of me to keep you from good writing. Turns out one of my favorite bloggers expressed all my recent sentiments exactly.

Rubber Ducky Copywriter

Speed bump on the road of lifeSo there I was at the start of September, full of ideas for writing experiments to stay in writing shape. Three new blog posts in the works. Pages upon pages of ideas for more.

Then the flood gates of life opened and priorities took the stage. Some things took a back seat. Some things demanded my full attention.

And I realized…

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Check Out My New Home!

If you’re reading this, then you are not following the right blog. This site will be focused on my administrative consulting business.

My newest, shiniest project is My Freelance Life.com, a place where freelancers can thrive and small businesses can make the most out of utilizing a freelancer.

Thank you to all of my followers for these stats:

  • 4,315 site views since September 2012
  • 11 comments per month

See you there!

Almost Here – 2 Days From MyFreelanceLife.com

It has been extremely crazy in my personal life, but I am still running with the new domain on June 1st!

Not much will change, but it’s important my followers know I won’t be updating this site, and you need to subscribe to my email list to continue to get blog updates! Still learning the ropes.

Also, subscribing means additional content, like interviews with successful entrepreneurs and a free 30-minute chat with me for my administrative and writing services.

Good stuff, I tell ya!

A Tidier Site (Bit O’ Spring Cleaning) & An Update

Design changes were made. (Hope you like them! Let me know in the comments.) Service offerings were trimmed.

A smidge of spring cleaning to spruce up the biz.

However, the best news to date:

My Freelance Life will be here June 1st!

Since I’m using WordPress.org, I hope to keep all of my followers, but please use the underlined link above to subscribe just in case. The design may or may not change depending on feedback.

Your responses to my survey will be heard. There shall be:

  • Quick Q&As with writing and administrative leaders (and perhaps a few other interesting industries) about growing a business
  • How to wade through the sea of information about freelancing and administrative consulting
  • Case studies of how folks became freelancers, including myself
  • Positive and uplifting news in the business world

Other fun stuff:

  • Mega-beefy guest post I did on More in Media on do’s and don’ts of Twitter that you probably haven’t considered before. Seriously!
  • Did a fun piece for the Goods page for Birmingham Magazine on board gaming and other activities. Hope to have a link up soon!

4 Reasons Lazy Isn’t (Always) A Four-Letter Word


Here’s the cold, bitter truth. In fact, my typing slowed as I started thinking about this.

I’m lazy.

Yes. I’m lazy. I don’t like doing…things. Anything that doesn’t involve an iPad, TV or sleeping. I just don’t like doing it.

No need to confirm with my Mom. (Although she did think it was funny to buy me a “Future Trophy Wife” pajama set.) I’m the youngest child. I’m spoiled. I was never expected to do a lot of chores. I just worked my butt off in school and…that was it.

The apartment my husband and I share is generally cluttered, even though I have all day to clean. I do my best. I take care of it as best as I can. But I put off anything that involves work.

Even my writing.

*sigh* Yes, I do delay writing out of laziness. In fact, I delayed this very blog. So. Much. Irony.

But is being lazy all bad? You may recall my post about how procrastination is a really great time management tool. (Yep, I did.) So how can laziness be seen as a positive?

1) Provides reorganization of thoughts: Taking the time to do nothing does what I call putting “perspective on the overwhelm”. Obviously, it helped me put together my thoughts of this very blog. It reminded me of the little things I should be focusing on and not all of the “busy-ness”.

Try it. Stop “doing.” Just for a minute.

Have you remembered something important on your to-do list? Notice you’ve had a muscle clenched or you were holding your breath?

Yeah, that freaks me out, too.

2) Brings out the proactive side of you: You’re a freelancer. An entrepreneur. A go-getter. Even I have a hard time being idle for very long. Taking a moment to be lazy reminds you of how proactive you have been (or need to be).

How has your business grown? What networking relationships have you fostered? What blogs or training do you need to catch up on?

3) Serves as a reward for working so hard: I’ve been doing a lot lately. Guest blogging. Working a new part-time job outside the home. Attempting to focus on the business side of social media rather than the personal side.

All while trying to maintain a small household, something I’ve never had to do on my own before (and for other people at that)!

4) May be a warning sign: Slow down and think about why you’re being lazy. Are you taking care of yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally? Being a freelancer or business owner means neglecting a lot of those important sides of your wellbeing.

Are you exhausted or not feeling well? Laziness can be a cue to something deeper you may need to take care of.

Notice how all of these tips didn’t encourage further laziness? (Man, I wish it did.)

But the truth is perpetual laziness is bad for you. Bad for your business. Just plain bad. It can’t get any worse than the worse three-letter word there is, now can it?

Despite my propensity to lie around and do nothing, moments of laziness (eventually) encourages some sort of action.

Self-employment: is it causing you to be lazy? Or are you a taskmaster, the dreaded other extreme? Talk to me in the comments below.

If you prefer being less burdened by tasks, so you can be a little lazy (for once!), consider working with me to relieve you of some of your writing and administrative assistant projects.

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